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The Prostitution Information Centre, or the PIC, was founded in august 1994 by former prostitute Mariska Majoor.

The PIC provides information and advice about prostitution in the widest sense of the word to anyone who wants it. For people who have questions about prostitution, the PIC is a freely accessible place where they can get answers to almost any question, or can be referred to other knowledgeable organizations if necessary.

The PIC operates as a charitable foundation, however it receives no government subsidies and has only survived these last years with difficulty. Many times over the objectives of the foundation have been proven to be of importance to sex workers, their clients, residents, and visitors to the area. It is clear that the PIC plays a valuable role and must continue to operate!

The PIC gladly provides information to around 22,000 visitors a year, much of this at no cost. Without financial support it is no longer viable to continue working in the way we have in the past so since January 2004, the PIC’s activities have merged with those of De Wallenwinkel. The Wallenwinkel now operates the shop of the PIC and provides the main source of financial support for the Prostitution Information Centre.

“Prostitution has been around for ever and it is not going to disappear regardless of how you may feel about it. That is one reason why it is important to organise prostitution as best as possible rather than forbidding it because then none of the problems related to prostitution are solved. In many countries prostitution is criminalised. Laws and various police actions against prostitutes force women and men to work in more dangerous and unhealthy situations. Prostitutes are being treated as criminals as if they should be ashamed of what they are doing. And we ask why this is? Because they are being paid for providing sexual services that are consensually given and received. Working in prostitution is their individual choice and there are no good reasons to interfere with this.

Sex is not dirty and certainly not bad for your health. Pretty well everyone has sex at some point in their lives and nowadays pretty much everything goes, except if you want to pay for it or have someone pay you. If someone independently chooses this job and they are able to work responsibly in supportive and healthy conditions then there is absolutely no reason why prostitution needs to be seen as a problem. The same problems related to prostitution were here in the Netherlands as well but the government decided not to ignore it and that it was better to have good regulations for the workplace and that society learns how to let others live in peace and respect the choices they make.“


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Important News!

In December 2006
the City of Amsterdam awarded the PIC its long-awaited permit to place a bronze statue on the Oudekerksplein. This statue (commissioned by Mariska Majoor and designed by artist Els Rijerse) will be dedicated to all the women and men who work in prostitution around the world. As soon as we have set the date of the unveiling and dedication we will announce that here. Donations towards the statue are still more than welcome!

For more information contact the PIC.

Unveiling statue at saturday 31 march!


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